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Where the Wild Books Are
Where the Wild Books Are
The Librarian's Candle Co.

Where the Wild Books Are

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Where the Wild Books Are

Scent: Driftwood + Oud

Is it real or is it just our imagination? The wild rumpus takes us through an assortment of magical locations including the flora, the fauna, and a little bit of the sea. This scent will take you anywhere you can dream to be.

Scent Family: Earthy + Outdoors

  • 7 oz candle is a single wicked
  • Linen Spray: Use on bedding, towels, clothes, shoes, lampshades, curtains, your car,  and more. Spray a little for a light scent or spray more for a room filling scent.
  • 3 oz Wax Melts- 6 pack cube 
  • 1oz Wax Melt Single Cube

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Loved it

Another fantastic scent! This one I used while reading while taking a bath. It made me think of walking along the shore after a rain. So good!


Lasts long and doesn't make me cough. The wick burns a little funny.


So comforting and soothing. Makes you wanna curl up with a good book and a warm blanket

Wild Stories

There are no terrible teeth or terrible claws here - I love Where the Wild Books Are. The scent is relaxing and comforting, and of the three candles I purchased it is, by far, my favorite. I will probably order two of these the next go around! I had no idea that driftwood and oud would be the scents to soothe my soul, but they are, and I'm so happy about it.


The scent was true to the description. This candle makes my home smell like a section of the library. I'm not sure which section. Maybe it's only the scent of the children's section that lives in my memory. I will be ordering from this candle company for as long as I can.