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Meet the Librarian

 Hi There! 

Thanks so much for checking out my site. The candles are curated by me, Andrea, a real elementary school librarian. Each scent is carefully paired with a book title, so take a minute if you can find the connection. 

I love learning and challenging myself to try new things. I started making candles as a Covid activity, and was actually very hesitant at first.  My goal was to do wax melts and room sprays because candles seemed way out of my comfort zone. There were too many variables: types of wax, types of wicks, and scents that all act in different ways.  The real problem was that all of my information was being learned from social media by people who were learning as they went as well.  After some reading and slight organization, I had a slight picture of where I was going to head and gave it a go.  I found what worked and what didn't. I field tested and focus grouped my scents. I learned so much by seeing people shop at my booth, seeing what they gravitated to and asking them how they made their selections.  It turns out many people know a librarian!

The journey has lead me here.  Sharing great scents with fun book titles, some of which you don't know.... But that is ok.  I am constantly learning, changing and making adjustments as we never truly are masters of any subject.  There is always more to learn. 

Now that we are done with the candle stuff, you might still have some burning questions about libraries...

  • That's right, they still have libraries and librarians in schools. Isn't that great!?
  • No, we don't have an old fashioned card catalog with millions of drawers. Kids have it much easier these days and can search the catalog by using the computer.
  • Yes, we still use the Dewey Decimal System to organize books, but since our users are small children who explore the library and make independent choices, my library is somewhat of a Dewey Decimal / Bookstore hybrid.
  • Yup, I teach classes about library skills.  Finding good books, finding just right books, research skills, how to use the internet and internet safety, makerspace, and more...
  • Ummmm, yes, kids still read paper books. We do have e-books, but they just aren't as popular as paper books. Some things will never change.
  • I prefer to read nonfiction books over fiction books.
  • My favorite picture books tend to be heavy in the dry humor or have surprise endings. If you are looking for some good titles check out: Guess Again by Barnett, almost all of Jon Klassen books, Are You a Horse? by Rash, That is Not a Good Idea by Williams